Escorting made to measure

Our vehicle pool already consists of 15 BF-3 vehicles. We make use of one of our partner companies for extra capacity or for the escorting of transport across frontiers. The great advantage to you is that you always have just one contact person. We take over the complete coordination of the transport. The ability to arrange transport escorts at very short notice makes TRS a partner in whom you can have complete trust.

More than just escorting
Transport escorting by TRS is more than just escorting.
All our transport escorts are given internal training, in addition to the official BSK training. In this training, they are given specific knowledge of the manual controls of the various models and types of trailer and their steering characteristics. They then become an extension of your driver. This means that the prescribed second driver is no longer necessary !


Complete vehicle equipment

All TRS BF vehicles are equipped with modem communication methods. We also use a fleet-management-system for all vehicles. The ability to contact our escorts is, therefore, always guaranteed. In addition, our vehicles are fully equipped with barrrier materials, lighting and emergency power.



BF2 and BF3

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