Trouble-free permit issue

TRS Transport Service is your specialist in the issuing of long-term, and once-only permits. Our large international customer base stretches from earners working in special transports to building companies who do their own transporting. Regardless of the size of your company you can always count on our full attention for the perfect completion of the issuing of your permit.

We are already issuing more than 10000 permits per year. Because of this large number, we work with fixed contacts at the various agencies which ensures that your application for a permit proceeds without trouble. In the case of the most usual tonus of heavy transport, you will have your permit within 3 to 6 days and for a very reasonable rate
You are, moreover, assured of the optimum route which will take into account the latest situation with regard to road and building work.

The " Intelligent Routing Program"
We have developed a unique computer program for the fast, discrete and efficient processing of your application which is called the "Intelligent Routing Program".
In the processing of your permit application there is an automatic search to see if your route - or parts of it - have been used before or are in our database. On the basis of this information, the most economic route is then determined
Because of the large number of permits which the TRS issues each year the "Intelligent Routing Program" has at its disposal information on the current situation regarding road and building work and a great variety of routes. That is why we can guarantee you that your permit application, made-to-measure, is often ready for processing at the relevant agency m less than half an hour

If the period of validity has expired.
All permits issued by us are processed in a special computer program. This automatically watches for the end of the period of validity of your long-term permits. We shall notify you in good time if the expiry date of your permit is approaching.
You will receive a message concerning this and you can decide, if you wish to extend it. In this way your permits are always up to date!
It is no wonder that our customers use TRS for more and more of their permit applications.

Direct contact:

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26831 Bunde

Tel:  +49 49 53 - 92 36 74
Fax: +49 49 53 - 92 36 75

TRS-Branch Essen
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