Directives and regulations

….. for all transport

The §70 long-term permit
The §70 long-term permit relates to your vehicle. Of course, you can prolong an already existing §70 through us and you will be warned in lime, if the permit was obtained through us, when the expiry dale is imminent. On its own, the §70 is not sufficient for transporting in Germany.

The §29 long-term permit
The §29 permit is also issued by us and is valid for transport combinations with a maximum length of 23 metres, a width of 3 metres and a total weight of 42 tons.
The §29 long-term permit is, by law, only issued in the Federal States of Nordrhein-Westfalen and Niedersachsen. A pre-condition is that you are established in the Netherlands, Belgium, ihe United Kingdom or in one of the Federal States mentioned.

Once-only permits
TRS issues once-only permits to companies all over Europe.
The §29 once-only permit is the most usual and is prescribed for transport combinations which do not meet the criteria for the §29 long-term permit. TRSS issues the §46 once-only permit for transport combinations which technically do not exceed the 16,5 metre combination length. This applies when a load is transported which has too great a width.
Permits within Europe
We can, of course, ensure that your once-only permit is issued in more than 24 European countries. The treatment of the these applications hardly varies, in practice, from the permit applications which we submit in Germany because we have close cooperation agreements in these countries.
Here too, speed and accuracy are guaranteed.

  • Transport in Germany is only permitted with
  • -> §70 in combination with a §29 permit
    -> §46 permit


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