TRS Transportservice GmbH

A 'flying" start
In 1992 the laws came into force by which the German Government decided to partly privatise
the issue of transport permits and the escorting of special transports.
in the previous year, 1991, TRS (Transport Service Roland Spiess) was established.

„That first year was, perhaps, our most important year, according to Roland Spiess."
„That first year was, perhaps, our most important year", according to Roland Spiess. "We laid the foundation in that year for the formulars and working methods which we still use now. Using the legislation which was going to be implemented, we built up our contacts in the relevant agencies in the various federal states, prepared and tried out the operational routines and, of course, we bought the materials. I haven't even mentioned the preliminary investigations of the various routes. From the very first day that we were allowed to be operational.
I can safely say, that wo were able to provide for the needs of our customers at all tunes and in all areas.

That this approach has been successful is proven by the tremendous growth of the company which now, after four years, has more than twenty employees.

It has a vehicle park of 15 escort vehicles and collaboration agreements with partners in many countries.


Direct contact:

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